Saturday, March 23, 2013

A blog lost in time...

Yes, you're right.


I know, I dropped off the face of the earth. Especially after promising that I'd be back soon. I'm terrible. At first, my excuse was that I had to finish my senior research paper (a graduation requirement at my school), but then I finished that almost three weeks ago. And now, all I've been doing when I come home is pass out on my bed and catch up on all the sleep I've lost these past six years. I've been awful. I've been a mess.

This blog has been crying out for me in my head all this time, but those cries have been left unanswered. I'd tried many times to appease those cries by taking pictures of some new acquisitions, but never got to posting them. I've lost the spark. But it's still lit, just barely, singeing the edges of my mind, occasionally, to remind that it's still there.

How poetic.

In short, I really regret neglecting this baby of mine for so long. I need to get back.

Wearing MAC Satin Taupe on the eyes and NARS Flamenco on the lips.

In other news, I've heard back from 6 of the 10 colleges I applied to. I've been accepted to all of them so far, and I am bracing myself for the last four which will come out in the next two weeks. Life is moving so fast, but this blog has been stuck in the past. Time to change that.

I've also missed talking with you gals oh so so much.

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