Monday, July 1, 2013

O Canada!

Finally, here it is! As promised, a post about my family's 4-day cruise trip to Canada. How much more befitting is it to publish this on Canada Day. The part of Canada that we headed to was New Brunswick, and Saint John to be more exact. We hadn't gone on a cruise since I was 6, which I don't even remember very well. Cruises are kind of...interesting, to say the least. However, being out in the ocean/middle of nowhere is really nice and freeing.

Onto the pictures! And a fair warning, there are a lot.

View of Boston as we left the harbor.
One of our harbor islands: Castle Island -- it's haunted. ;)
Hello little lighthouse!
The view from our balcony every day.
Big ol' alien/storm cloud.
Towel animals! The first of many.
Approaching Saint John! One of my favorite shots.
Lobster traps -- lobster fishing is apparently a big industry over there.
Low tide in the Bay of Fundy.
The twin bridges in Saint Martin!
Approaching the caves.
The texture of the cave walls was absolutely beautiful.
The view from inside the cave.

Cool arched rock and moi. | A colorful shack.

The Reversing Falls.

Our Carnival Glory anchored at port.

Such a jolly walk sign man!

The City Market -- part of the ceiling is a ship!

Cool old fashioned signage.

Such cool Victorian architecture.

A city lost in time.

The only (more) modern architecture I could find in the city!

Got a Monsters University Kinder's Squishy!!! 

Sunset at sea.

The umbrella matched my shirt.

This was in our parents' room, awwies.

Our dinner servers during the cruise -- what a fun bunch!

Even though we were only on shore in Saint John/Saint Martin for a day, it was enough to take in all of its beauty. (We took bus tours by the way.) The vast nature and how in touch with it the people were made me so happy. Everything was so unbelievably clean too. I remember thinking, I wouldn't mind living here

What are some places you'd like to visit and/or live in?

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