Friday, May 31, 2013

Cairo & Baby Lips

To get back into the groove, I thought I'd show you two new additions to my makeup collection! I've been thinking more wear-ability lately since I can only bring so much to college. I bought these a few months ago on my birthday (which happens to be the last time I bought makeup -- woot!).

William the Hippo in Pop Art Tumbler from The Met.

First item is a NARS eyeshadow in Cairo. It's my first actually. I'd always gone into Sephora and admired the NARS eyeshadows but never actually bought one. Now I have, and I do not regret it!

Cairo is a pale, beige-taupe with the slightest hint of shimmer. It's basically matte, but if you look closely, there's this subtle iridescence that is just beautiful. Hopefully you can see it in the swatch below. I think this is the perfect everyday eyeshadow color (for me at least). Definitely give it a swatch whenever you can!

Cairo on the eyes and finger.

The second thing I got is a Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color in Baby Lips. I've been really loving sheer lip products lately so I went for this. It's sheer, but not too sheer that there's no color. Sheer lippies are my best friends on lazy days or when I'm in a rush. You don't need a mirror!

Just a pair of"baby lips", just kidding they're mine.

Baby Lips is a soft, warm pink. It's kind of a 'my lips but better' color for me. The lip product is like a lip butter -- the color is sheer, but the product is creamy and moisturizing. In the swatch, I only applied Baby Lips to part of my bottom lip so you can see the opacity. It has a nice amount of shine too! I digz it.

This has been...kind of...a mini haul...? Signing off now!

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