Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello there!


Maggie here. I am alive!

Sorry for the absence this past month. Things have gotten really crazy at school. My SATs went well, I got a good score, but I'm taking it again in May to get an even higher score (hopefully). AP exams are also coming up soon! Also, my club's biggest event (Asian Night!) is in a month and I've been preparing/painting the stage backdrop (along with my lovely volunteers), so I've been going home at 6 almost every day. Another update in my life: this past week was my spring break and I went to visit colleges yet again! This time we drove around the Northeast and visited Syracuse and Carnegie Mellon. Crossing my fingers for next year~

(All my money has gone to registering for these tests, it's sooo sad ;____;)

And to have this post not picture-less, here is a less-than-lovely-slash-very-appealing picture of me in my sweats and hair tied back, painting away with my volunteers. We were painting Mt. Fuji in Japan. I hope to show you guys a picture of the final background all put together soon!
I just haven't had much time to blog a lot lately. I miss you all so much! I promise to be back really really soon! (I'm going to try to squeeze in a post this week.)

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