Friday, March 30, 2012

A wee anecdote

Please note that everything I tell you here is fictional. Sort of.

Yesterday, as I was finishing up painting parts of the stage background for my club's big event in May, I happened upon this iMac in the next room. Strangely, Photobooth was opened up and set on a distorted filter. At first I was like, WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!!!`1/.1!?
 But then we got to know each other a little and I liked it.
 Then I really liked it and we made each other laugh like old friends.
 But then it slapped me.
No me gusta.
The end.

*snap snap snap clap clap clap* 
Beautiful story, isn't it? Oh the wonders of webcam filters. My friends and I were just fooling around with the iMac in the art wing after some hard work. I hope this cracked you up because I sure as heck was laughing really really hard. I was laughing so much my stomach hurt. It was very fun indeed. (Also please excuse the two big pimples on both my cheeks, stress does wonders to your skin. Trust me.)

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