Monday, May 28, 2012

Summertime Lovin'

Ahhhh yes. 

The beautiful summer weather has finally arrived here in Boston! Since it's a long weekend, my club and I decided to hold our last bonding event before the seniors all went off to college. One of them is going all the way over to Occidental in California! We went onto our friend's rooftop and we ate, laughed, presented them with gifts, took tons of pictures, got our tan on, and later on we even watched a movie. It was such an amazing last hurrah for our seniors, and definitely one of the best days ever in my book. I could literally just imagine The Beach Boys playing in the background of our entire day.

And without further ado, here are some shots to some everything up!

The view from up there was absolutely beautiful.

Grillin' it up.

Veggies and dip!

My beautiful burger.

Sweet and juicy grapes (gonna buy a ton of grapes this summer).

One of us made a delicious fudgy chocolate cake!

And a picture of my goofin' self for good measure! I was shredding the lettuce hehe.

This weekend really gave me a taste of the summer. I can't wait for it to arrive already; I still have three weeks of school left! I already got a tan/tan lines from yesterday! I hope this post made you want summer to come faster too hehehe, because I know I can't wait for summer now. How did you spend this (long) weekend?

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