Thursday, June 7, 2012

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

It was another typical day on Maggie's bookshelf: the books were stacked on top of each other in disarray, the little trinkets were all on the verge of falling off the shelves to their doom, and the miscellaneous items were all just...miscellaneous. Everything was just the usual.

But on this day, Domo, an inhabitant of Maggie's bookshelf, happened upon an Urban Decay eyeshadow. The eyeshadow had always been there, but Domo had never really taken notice. There was someone familiar inside that eyeshadow -- it was his robot friend from way back when! Domo was extremely confused as to why his friend was stuck in there. In desperation, he let out a thunderous roar...

Note the comic book-like effect

But alas! His frantic outcry was to no avail; nothing happened. Domo started clawing at the little eyeshadow. His friend wasn't moving either. He seemed perfectly content in that little container. Domo flipped it over and read the label on the back. Whatever it was, its name was Ruthless.

Domo walked away, sad that he couldn't free his dear friend. But suddenly, the eyeshadow flipped open! It revealed a pale taupe rectangle with a pearlescent sheen. It had the slightest signs and marks of prior usage. Startled but still curious, Domo slowly inched back toward the eyeshadow.

I'm getting quite tan...

He finally realized that he had actually passed by this eyeshadow many times in the past. He just never really paid much attention to it. He stared at the interesting color it had.  Domo thought, huh, it must look good on the skin. And so he borrowed Maggie's hand to swatch the eyeshadow. Indeed it looked great on her skin. It was a lovely medium-tone lid color. It was the perfect natural smokey eyeshadow color. There was this nice golden sheen to it too.

Excited by the eyeshadow's pretty color, Domo began to dance. It was a simple, silly dance, but the eyeshadow seemed to feel compelled to join in as well. He lifted his little arms up and down as the eyeshadow opened and closed. It was a delightful little show. 

By now, Domo had forgotten his little friend stuck in the eyeshadow. The little robot seemed fine in there; he had his pet dinosaur to keep him company anyway.

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