Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Outfit at Sundown

Okay, first. Stop what you're doing. And click play on this video..


Think about the world. Think about your life. Think about your friends. Your family. Think about all the sweet memories you've made. And all the sweet memories you're going to make. Go out, stare at the sky for a few minutes. Listen to the bustling city. Listen to the trees swaying in the wind. Listen to each breath you take. Take in all the sights and sounds of your life, your neighborhood, your town, your city...and cherish it. It's quite beautiful, isn't it?

Now proceed and have that playing in the background while you read this post. :)

The sun was about to set, so I thought it would be nice to take some pictures of my outfit. The pictures would have this nice romantic glow to them because of the setting sun. And for once, I was wearing an outfit that looked decent...although I kind of just slapped it all together. It seems the best outfits are always an accident for me?

My hair is getting quite long!

A nice Boston sunset.
Shadows of the jungle gym -- I took these pictures in a playground.
Sorry about the naked face.
You can see my TOMS tan line!
I tried to pose, but ended up just looking quite awkward. // The clouds are perfectly wispy.

Cardigan - American Eagle, T-shirt - H&M, Floral skirt - Forever 21, Flats - Old Navy, Satchel - H&M.

I hope you're having a great weekend! Yesterday was the last day of my internship and it was quite sad. I'm not very good with goodbyes and I just didn't know what to say when I parted with my co-workers. I really can't believe this summer is already over. It’s a peculiar thing getting to know other people for this short period of time, starting to like them, and then having to leave at a designated time. You knew that last day would come eventually, but you really didn’t want it to come. There’s this fixation that you don’t really want to let go of just yet. It was only 7 weeks and yet I grew attached to this place and the people in it. Handshakes and hugs and thank you e-mails…it’s all over now. And I’m just thinking, was it all a dream?

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