Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magnetic Magic

What is this!? A rare nail polish post from Maggie? 


Enter: 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Grey. I received this from Jian a while back, but me not being a nail polish person, never got to trying it until today. I mean, the only thing I ever do to my nails is cut them. (Alas, I am too lazy.) I guess I was feeling a little curious today. Sorry about the sloppy application by the way, I literally have not painted my nails in years.

This specific brand is from the UK (I'm assuming), but these magnetic nail polishes have been popping up in drugstores over here already (I know Sally Hansen has some). The cap comes off and there is a magnet on top. There's also this very helpful little thing-a-ma-bobber jutting out of the cap for you to lay on your finger, which keeps the correct distance between the magnet and your nails. I was pretty doubtful about whether this measly-looking magnet would work...but boy, was I proven wrong.

The nails seem to be reaching for their lovely faucet counterpart.

The color of the nail polish itself is a nice steel gray with a fabulous metallic finish. It applied very smoothly and was opaque in 2 coats. I do quite like it on its own. It's a nice dark color, which is probably not the most fitting to wear while it's still summer but I digress.

Left: 2 coats un-magnetized, Right: 2 coats magnetized.

When magnetized, that distinct tiger bead-like pattern magic! I was so amazed at every single nail when I lifted up the magnetic cap. It turned into more of a black with gray currents rather than the original gray with black currents. 

Two things though: 1) you have to do one nail at a time, or else the nail polish will dry up before you get to magnetizing it, and 2) "hover" the magnet stationarily. I figured these out too late, hence my entire left hand.

Yeah, that wasn't on purpose. 
But yes, I will be wearing my nails like that. Have you tried magnetized nail polish yet?

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