Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remember when I went to Puerto Rico?

Remember me? Yeah, I don't either.

Hi! Hey! Hello! Howdy! I'm aliiiiiive! Sorry for the sudden disappearance, everyone. Things started picking up really quickly at my internship and well, the Olympics started so...there was no blogging for me! I'm loving it at my internship, though. I'm soaking in SOOO much. I've definitely gotten a taste of the work world and (hopefully) what my future will be like.

Anyway, back to the post...the long-awaited Puerto Rico travel diary post!!! (Note the multiple exclamation marks. Hence, you should be very excited.)

It's your lucky day because you're in for a bunch of photos!

The gorgeous beach.
Garlic chicken and chili, I believe?
I fell in love with their narrow streets and colorful houses.
Old Fort San Juan.
Inside one of the dark halls...it was oh so ominous and spooky (not my cup of tea).
For some reason, there was an iguana roaming around the fort!
Crashing waves are gorgeous, no?
Old men socialize at a cafe during lunch.
An authentic Puerto Rican dish: Mofungo (it was very yummy).
Gift shops are always so overpriced. I thought these were pretty cool.
And these masks too.
Their water system is quite interesting.
"The Cloud Forest" was eerily beautiful.
L: these newts were everywhere! R: The waterfall was absolutely breathtaking.
Our hike to the waterfall was well worth it!
I just love this shot...not even edited at all! The water lookit lookit!
Had a layover in NYC...no wonder it's called the city that never sleeps.

And looky looky, I made a video too! Experience 5 minutes of my 5 days in Puerto Rico (yeah, I totally planned that). Kind of like a vlog but not really because I don't speak in it, still do watch! Puerto Rico's definitely a beautiful place: full of character and friendly people.


I hope you got a gist of my experience in Puerto Rico through this post. If you ever get the chance to, definitely definitely visit it one day. It may be rough around the edges in some areas, but well, any place is.

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