Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Playlist

Hello there.

Where have I been? Well, the past week I've been obnoxiously busy with school and applying to summer programs/internships. Too much time spent on my research paper and writing essays for these applications and not enough time for writing up blog posts! Every week seems so short now.

I don't think I'll be able to blog much this week either as those said applications are due on Friday and I shall be busy fine-tuning and putting everything together. Apologies in advance!

Once I'm done with them, I really hope I'll be able to sit down, take some photos, and blog about more easy-going stuff.

Anyway, here are some songs that I've been listening to constantly for the past week -- they wrung in the spring season for me! The weather was beautiful the whole week.

By the Time (ft. Imogen Heap) - MIKA (this song just gives me the loveliest fluttery feeling inside)

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head - BJ Thomas (classic feel good song, yah?)

Private Eyes (Hall & Oates) - The Bird and the Bee (I loved this band before, but their cover of this was just awesome -- I'm also a Hall & Oates fan)

I did go to see The Hunger Games on Friday with my friend right after school! We went to CVS to buy some snacks and proceeded to power walk toward the theater. I quite enjoyed the movie actually. Though it left out some parts (which is inevitable in book-to-movies), it was very well put-together. Have you given in to the Hunger Games hype? Thoughts? 

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