Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today was my first day as a senior back in school. I found out my class schedule and I'm content with almost all of them. The combination of classes I'm taking this year is rather unique/different so I'm separated from all of my good friends, but I guess it's time to make new friends! I'm already imagining all the work I'll be doing this year and it's a little scary, but I can see the light after the tunnel!

I put together a nice outfit for my first day, but it was so disgustingly humid that once I got home I had to change clothes. So sadly, there are no pictures of my first day outfit, but I wore a cobalt blue floral lace skirt with a white v-neck on top (if anyone is interested heh). I also dozed off for 2 hours when I got home...

But anyway, the subject of today's post is a nail polish. I've been getting into nail polish recently, and so I wanted to paint my nails a nice color for my first day back. I ran into CVS yesterday and chose the one that stood out the most to me. I chose an Essie nail polish in Mochachino. I had always liked taupe polishes, and this one in particular had a pretty silver shimmer running through it, so this was the one. It also had such a cute name.

Mochachino reminds me of the color of hot chocolate or a warm brown-gray sweater. It's an understated color with just the slightest amount of pizzazz. It contrasted really well with my blue skirt. The nail polish applied smooth and opaque in two coats on top of base coat, and I think it's the perfect transitional color for fall and winter.

Here's a look at this hunk of a textbook. Weighing in at almost 10 pounds (yes indeed I weighed it), I have to say, my Art History textbook is probably the biggest textbook I've ever had. Lugging it home was quite a workout. I do hope that I'll love it, though, I'm really excited for the class. 

I hope your week has been going well! I cannot wait for the weekend (already), so I can sleep in. Do you have any cool "first day" traditions? :)

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