Friday, October 19, 2012

MAC Je Joue

As promised, here are my thoughts on some recent acquisitions from the CCO. But before we get to the reviews, I'd love for you to watch this fun little stop motion clip I made with the products. Indeed, I play with my makeup more than I should.

Did you like it? I hope it wasn't too choppy because I was holding my camera between my knees (since I lack a tripod). Anyway, onto the actual reviews! I felt like being more creative with my product shots by the way, so don't mind me. :P

In order of appearance, first up is the MAC Fluidline in Rich Ground. This was the first product that caught my eye on the shelves of the CCO. The color was just beautiful. It screamed 'fall' to me, reminding me of cinnamon and honey roasted pecans. I swatched the tester gently and immediately asked the lady for a new one.

I finally understand what the hype around Fluidline is all about! It applies so so so smoothly, like fluid. The color is pigmented and stays put for hours without smudging. It's amazing! It has the loveliest subtle shimmer running through; it's totally not a boring brown eyeliner! I can tell I'll be using this very often this season in lieu of black liner. Here's a swatch of the Rich Ground in all its glorious beauty.

All the pretties, yes?

Next up is the MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Supreme Style. I remember when these first came out, people ran out to get them. Everyone was raving about how this was the perfect hybrid of gloss and lipstick. And that really appealed to me because my favorite type of lipstick is this hybrid. I never really got to getting these MAC ones, so when I saw this on the lip display, I had to snag one.

Supreme Style isn't very unique or out-there, it's basically a pale peachy pink with a pretty gold sheen. I chose a more neutral shade because I wanted to get more wear out of it. The texture and feel to this is reminiscent of the Revlon lip butters. It glides right on and feels lightweight and moisturizing. The lipstick has the signature MAC vanilla scent, which I actually quite enjoy. I wouldn't say that this product is as super amazing and revolutionary as it was raved to be, but it is nice to have. I really like the sleek glossy, black packaging for this, though, as opposed to the regular MAC lipsticks.

That sheen is really pretty though, I must say.

Lastly, I have the MAC Sheertone Blush in Loverush. It's a matte deep reddish plum, and I would say this is the quintessential fall blush color. It gives you a natural, flushed color, kind of like how your cheeks get really red when you're out in the cold.

The powder is so unbelievably smooth, and applies really well. The color is pretty pigmented though, so I would use a light hand in order to not look like I'm all bruised up. I think this color definitely suits a lot of skintones, and I read up that it's the perfect blush for dark-skinned ladies. Now, I'm not necessarily dark-skinned, but blush usually never shows up well on my skin, but this does! Praise tha lawd, this does!

I applied it rather heavily and messily here, but you get the gist, right? Perfectly flushed cheeks.

I have to say, I'm very pleased with these purchases. MAC re-promotes their colors a lot, so I wouldn't worry too much about these not being readily available. Be sure to check out a CCO if you must! I hope you're all having a great week. What products have you acquired recently?

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