Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outlet Shopping

Long time no see! Sorry about the sudden absence, ladies. These past two weeks have been really hectic (school and SATs, bleh) for me, but now I'm back! I missed blogging so much. How have you all been? I took my last SAT I yesterday and regardless of what I get for my score this time, I'm done. Done done done. In semi-celebration yesterday, my mom and I went to shop at the outlets.

I saw this satchel through the store window and knew immediately that I was going to get it. Then I saw the sale sign next to it, and it just totally sealed the deal. I love the color blocking mixed with the classic satchel design. The inside has a fun floral pattern too! I had gotten those sunglasses from Gap an hour earlier, and I now realize that it matches the bag perfectly. This is the first "big name" bag I've ever bought for myself. I felt so proud for some reason.

Classic white Chuck Taylors. These were what I went to the outlets for. I'd wanted these for forever because I needed casual everyday shoes. These are classic and comfortable, and I can wear them for life! They're such an investment in my eyes, and I think they'll look even better with wear and tear.

Gap was the first store I went into. Their clothes are rather basic and relatively inexpensive, which are the exact qualities I look for in clothes! Most of my wardrobe is Gap nowadays (I love their jeans), and I'm totally fine with that. I got some sweaters, cardigans, two dresses, and a basic brown belt (which I'd needed for a long long long time).

Last, but certainly not least, I went to the CCO. I got some wearable colors because well, I want to use them and get my money's worth! The products I chose were actually very fall-oriented, especially the blush and fluidline. I can't wait to crack these babies open and use them. Swatches and reviews to come veeeerrry soon!

I hope you are all doing well. I'm glad to have some of the pressure taken off my shoulders. All I really need to do now is finish those dang college applications. But back to regular blog programming. Have a great week and if you have a long weekend as well, enjoy your extra day off! :)

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