Wednesday, January 2, 2013

After NYE Bling

So my New Year's Eve celebration this year (or this past year, rather) was going to the outlets with my mom. Quite a wild party indeed. My mom told me it was time to buy me "more grown up" clothes, so we wandered into Banana Republic (with much reluctance from me at first) and LOFT. The sales were pretty darn amazing. Banana Republic had always seemed grossly overpriced to me, but surprisingly we left with a big bag of clothes (for both of us) for just over $100. At LOFT, I scored an originally $80 dress for $15. And it was also there that I found this gem, which is a huge understatement, of a nail polish for $2.99.

Ahh yes, the wonders of sales shopping.

We were about to check out when I saw this. I had already been quite surprised to see LOFT now carrying nail polish, but wow my eyes went straight to this. So. many. colors. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Let's take a moment to take that all in, shall we?

When I saw it, I thought, wasn't there a Deborah Lippmann nail polish that looked exactly like this? Yes, there is! And I must say, I actually like mine a lot better. And it was 6x cheaper. Yup, I think I win.

I think what really drew me to this nail polish was the fact that it was so densely packed and that all of the glitter particles were the same size. They were all the same big, chunky hexagons. Here is two layers of the nail polish with a clear top and bottom coat. For the first layer, I dabbed and jabbed the glitters to spread as many as possible over my nail, then I just filled in the gaps for the second layer.

I'm definitely going to enjoy looking down at my hands for the next few days.

And the glitters were so sparkly and blinding that Domo could not even compete. He was petrified.

Also, Happy New Year, ladies! Wishing you all a great year full of love, happiness, good health in 2013 and beyond. :)

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