Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm seeing blue

Before last week's NYFW becomes completely irrelevant, I wanted to recreate another one of the makeup looks at the shows. This one is from Anna Sui. The model here is Xiao Wen, one of my absolute favorites. I'm so glad she's been getting more editorials and shows! She's so beautiful and she reminds me of a delicate porcelain doll.
The look is really fun and quirky! The little dots under the eyes are actually stickers, so I tried my best to create little circles with my eyeliner (though I failed in the end).
This was the most precise I could get with my pencil eyeliner. But the blue is gorgeous, no? I brought the color up until my fold because then there would be a nice, sharp natural line (see below pictures). I think not putting on mascara really let the already-loud blue stand out.
It didn't look like Xiao Wen was wearing any lip color yet, so I decided to be ever-so-spontaneous and go for an orange lip! The bright orange really compliments the blue. It pulled the look together quite nicely.

I Used...
-Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Le Bleu de Jim
-Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

It really is such a quirky look! I actually quite like it (maybe without the dots) and wish I had the guts to rock it out in public.

I wrote this post up last weekend, but forgot to schedule it. Just got back from California! I must say it's such a huge state compared to mine. I think LA is basically the size of Massachusetts LOL. I took so many pictures, be ready for lots and lots of picture spam. But firstly, my birthday is tomorrow! However, I think I'll just be sleeping or doing all the homework I should have done last weekend. Anyway off to sleep I go!

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