Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Sahara Treasure from London

L'Oreal's new Infaillible eyeshadows: not really a pressed eyeshadow nor a cream one -- somewhere in between. 

A hybrid of sorts? 

It's hard to put a label on this new breed of eyeshadows, but it's definitely not hard to see how awesome they are. The lovely Jian (not really from London but close enough!) sent me a UK-only Infaillible, Sahara Treasure. Thus ensued a mini-photoshoot with the eyeshadow. Here are some of its best shots.
Sahara Treasure standing tall and proud.
Uncapped and ready to be swatched.
Look at me and my pretty iridescence!
In the pot, it appears to be a bronzey-taupe color, but when swatched and applied the color turns into a muted, grayish gold. It's a really interesting color, yet perfect for everyday wear. It also has such a gorgeous iridescent/metallic sheen. Using my ring finger, a simple swipe of this all over the lid provides the prettiest wash of color. 
Sahara Treasure on the lid, nothing else.
I'm thoroughly impressed and intrigued by this product and can't wait to go get more. I have my eyes on Iced Latte and Bronzed TaupeIs this the re-awakening of Maggie's makeup obsession in a time of needed penny-pinching? Sadly indeed I think it is so.

Jian also sent me a bunch of other goodies. She is definitely one of the funniest and most honest bloggers I know. Thank you so much for everything! I've never owned such a fancily-packaged lipstick and the nail polish looks/sounds so cool. I can't wait to try them all! :D

She cut out the twitter bird (perfectly) herself, how awesome is that?!

I hope you had an awesome weekend and will have an even more awesome week ahead! My Cali post is up next -- be ready for tons of picture vomit!

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