Thursday, February 2, 2012

Linoleum Block Printing

Stemming from Japanese Woodblock printing in Japan, linoleum block printing is a somewhat easier, more modern twist on the magnificent art.

We just wrapped up our project on block printing and carving in my Art class. I'm quite proud of my carving. :D Many back-breaking hours were spent carving this sucker out! Because I want to enroll in AP Art next year, I had to do a self portrait. Here is what I ended up with!

I'm really proud of how I did my hat and sweater sleeve. I actually accidentally cut off part of the other side of my nose. The nostril was so perfect, but alas my hand slipped. You really have to try to make it work, so I just cut it all off and ended up with only one nostril. O! if only I had been more careful! Le sigh le sigh!

This is the original photo. I wanted to go for a more fun/interesting self-portrait, which my Art teacher thoroughly enjoyed! (Rather than a pretty pretty one.)

Some of the prints I made!
For some reason, I really like this print. It might just be that it has my favorite color, but I also really like the gradient I made. It reminds me of the sun/summer. Not the best print out of the bunch (a bit too much paint -- goopy goopy), but I really like it.

Whoooaaa trippy? I made a 3-D print, which ended up being super cool! I was blown away by all the awesome things I could do with my block.

This was the best print I had. The paint transferred really well in this, and I really enjoyed the colors I made (maroon was black + red and navy was black + blue)! It's kind of like a comic strip, yah?

I feel like my actual block carving looks more like me than my prints, but ah oh well. I'm really proud overall despite the non-resemblance to myself hahaha.

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