Wednesday, February 29, 2012

California Photo Diary

I hope you are all having a great week so far. Last week, I went to California with my parents during my school break. I present to you my 3 days in Cali by means of photographs! The weather was so gorgeous the entire stay (it was perfect). The favorite spots I visited would definitely be USC (such a beautiful campus), Little Tokyo (it was so serene and calm, yet bustling at the same time), and In-N-Out (those were DELICIOUS). I'll let the pictures do the talking so ready your eyes for some picture spam!

You know you're in California when you see these every two seconds...

My hotel room had a little balcony overlooking the harbor!

Creepy creepy pelicans, man. Their heads turned like 360-degrees.

It flew away!

We got a little hungry from all the walking so we got some fried clams.

Koreatown -- too much Korean, not enough English!

We ate at this Korean Tofu House Restaurant (can't seem to remember the name). The soup was so yummy and the tofu so fresh!

I ordered the Bibimbap.

Who goes to LA and doesn't visit the LA County Museum of Art? Not to mention the freaking amazing LAMPS!? They're gorgeous. I definitely want to go back again when the lights are actually turned on.

Little Tokyo.

The famous Daikokuya Ramen!'s SO beautiful. The campus tour was amazing.

Santa Monica Beach -- there's something about this photo that I like a lot. Empty beach; calm, clear blue sky with a streak or two of clouds; the shack in the distance.

Venice Beach Boardwalk at a distance -- the beaches are SO clean in Cali.

In-N-Out, babyyy!

The Kodak Theatre -- they were prepping for the Oscars, so the road was fenced off.

Hello there, giant Oscar all wrapped up and ready to shine.

Grauman's Chinese Theater.

The Hollywood sign from a distance...and that gorgeous church!

I just had to do a jump picture. Excuse the skin exposure, but this was the only one that turned out decently. Look at the waves! A very relevant picture because...

One thing I learned though...don't ever give Chinese parents a GPS because they will never ever listen to or understand it properly.

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