Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I really liked my outfit today because it was so effortless, but I still kind of looked like I put some thought into it (must have been the boots). Flannels are like a second skin to me in the winter. I took a quick glance at the mirror as I was rushing out the door (a daily occurrence), and I thought...wow I look like a lumberjack.

(Too many parentheses.)

I also wanted to show the boots I recently bought. It's kind of like a riding boot, which is what I'd been looking for forever and a day. I love the buckle detail on the side of the boot. This might just be me, but when I gain muscle mass, I gain muscle mass. I'm not one of those skinny-mini Asians. I do track and tennis, so my calves are rather muscle-y/huge. I was really happy to find boots that fit my legs! :D

Plaid Flannel - Macy's, Black Camisole - Aeropostale, Jeans - Gap, Belt - Talbot's, Boots - BareTraps

Something my friend said about my outfit:
"Maggie, you look like a lumberjack today.........................-creepily whispers into my ear-...I like it."

She's one of the funniest people ever.

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