Saturday, January 14, 2012

All that Black Glitz

Let's kick off this blog!

I had been wanting loafers ever since I first saw Pam's post on her leopard print Topshop ones from a year or two ago. They looked so fabulous on her that I wanted a pair of leopard print ones for myself as well.

Little did I know, loafers would become all the rage this past year. I saw picture after picture of new, differently styled and patterned loafers. I finally got a pair of fabulous loafers at Marshall's for an even more fabulous price. It was $34.99 -- such a steal for a good pair of loafers! There were many other styles and patterns to choose from, but I just fell in love with these, and I'm sure YOU will too!

These are basically studded with black jewels all around. They're so flashy, yet sophisticated, and they glisten in the light. And they're also amazingly comfortable too! The brand they're from is called MIA. The quality of the shoe is incredibly well-made. I love them so much! Definitely go check out Marshall's/TJ Maxx's shoe selection!

On the other hand, I still would like a pair of leopard print loafers, the ones which sparked my love for loafers in the first place. A girl can never have too many shoes!

Just a little tidbit: over the past year, shoes have become the bane of my existence...

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