Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello Hello!

Hi, I'm Maggie!

You may or may not know me from The Polka-Dotted Apple, but this is my new blog! I had tried so many times to revive my blog, but I thought I should start anew. I had been itching to blog again for a couple months now. I'm not going to delete my old blog, though, because I have so many memories on there and many eye looks I'm quite proud of (which I no longer have the pictures to).

This blog will be slightly different from my old one, as this one will be more geared toward documenting my life with a sprinkling of makeup, beauty, fashion, etc. rather than based solely on my love of makeup.

Anywho, I hope you will join me in my journey in life and happiness! You can also find me on Twitter at @maggmakeup! :)

Note: Reason for my blog name? I probably mentioned this before, but my favorite pattern is polka dots and I'm obsessed with jellyfish. So there you go! It also acts as a continuation of my old blog, in a way. I guess?

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