Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week in (Food) Pictures 1/14 - 1/21

There's nothing really that interesting in my life besides school (if that's what interests you) and food. I thought the latter would be a teeny bit more appealing and well, interesting to you all so here are some pictures of the food I ate this week.

And maybe some other stuff too.
Saturday, 1/14: I hadn't cooked with my mom in such a long time. We're a pretty dynamic duo in the kitchen, so last Saturday, we decided to tackle some Japanese cuisine for dinner! We made this lovely Miso Udon Noodle Soup with fish cakes, fish balls, tofu, mushrooms, beansprouts, and shrimp. I made our bowls look super pretty, in my opinion, hahaha.
Sunday, 1/15: I was looking for my winter jacket in the closets and found this amazing film camera. I was freaking out. My dad hadn't touched it in 20 years, so it is now mine! I've been interested in photography all my life and I did not know my dad owned this beauty. Now I must buy some film and batteries, and also learn how to use this.
Monday, 1/16: I had the day off, so I made this delicious linguini for lunch. I first fried some bacon and added a spoon or two of sun-dried tomato pesto sauce. After that, I added in the linguini and tossed it all together! It was very very delicious. I saved some to bring to lunch the next day too.
Tuesday, 1/17: A wet and rainy day. I snapped this on the way back home from club activities. I had brought my camera to school to film our club officer introduction videos, so on the way home, I took it out on a whim to snap this photo on the street. I really liked the little droplets on the parking meter. Spontaneous shots are sometimes the best shots. I got some pretty weird looks though.
Tuesday, 1/17: I braided both sides of my part back this day. I really like how it turned out and got a lot of compliments on it. I couldn't really find a good angle to show the braids, so I settled with this (ignore the silly face haha). I took this right after coming home. It was a rainy day, so I look like a hot, sticky mess here hahaha. Please excuse the no-makeup face (besides mascara).
Wednesday - Friday, 1/18-1/20: Pretty uneventful days (school, school, school, school...and more school), so I didn't take many pictures. I did, however, try to take this artsy-fartsy picture of me holding a clementine. They are always the sweetest during CNY! Is it bad that they're all I've been eating the past couple days? I've finished half a box already...umm...
Saturday, 1/21: Went to dim sum with my friends for brunch! It's always been a yearning of mine to go dim sum with a bunch of friends because I've always gone with my family. It's really nice to experience something so familiar with a different group of people. Even though it was a smaller group because of the snow, I'm glad that we still had fun and lots of laughs. I love the concept of dim sum; it's the type of setting where you're welcome to talk a lot. What are your favorite dim sum dishes?
Saturday 1/21: It snowed...6 inches! It finally looks like winter! HUZZAH! I really love snow; it's so beautiful. I've been waiting for a snowstorm like this for months. Despite the heavy snowfall, I still stayed out to take some pictures. The snowflakes were so big and fluffy. This was taken near the end of the storm, so the snow/size of the flakes had dwindled down.

So, as you can tell, I love food...and taking pictures...and snow. Would you guys like to see more of these kinds of posts? I probably won't do them weekly, but definitely one here and there!

Last night, my family had our pre-CNY dinner. Our relatives gathered at our house and we hot potted the night away! We also webcammed with the rest of our relatives in China. I can't believe how big my nieces (cousin's daughters) are now. One of them is 10 y/o now -- I didn't know our age difference was that small! I swear the last time I saw them, they were still chubby little babies! Like, what in the what?

Anyway, for those of you who celebrate Lunar New Year, I hope you all had or will have a great day with your family. Eat lots of good food too! Wishing you all another year of good luck and happiness! Extra luck to all the Dragons out there! :D

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